Wellbeing through Creativity – Introducing The Ideas Hub Chelmsford

June 8, 2020, 10:20 a.m.

The Ideas Hub is a registered charity that supports the wellbeing of those in Chelmsford through creativity. We spoke with CEO, Edith Miller.

There are three areas that the charity focuses on, with ‘art’ defined by creativity:

Art to heal
Art to connect, and
Art to educate

“There are a number of reports and studies, including an all Parliamentary one that provides evidence about the health benefits of creativity,” said Edith.

It’s for this reason that the team decided to get behind Dying Matters Week, the national initiative that aims to help people to think and talk about, death, dying and bereavement.

As Edith explains, “Dying Matters Week is really important to the Ideas Hub for its raising of awareness on being prepared for your or a loved one's peaceful end of life. We see the arts as a 'soft' way to enable conversation on a sensitive subject.”

Art exhibition

And, it doesn’t stop there. The Ideas Hub have received a grant from the National Lottery to organise an art exhibition on the Dying Matters Week 2020 theme, ‘Dying to be heard.’

“We have invited local artists to exhibit a portrait of a loved one they have lost with a story around the portrait. We hope to hold the exhibition in September at Chelmsford Cathedral and possibly then touring in Essex.”

Sounds, like powerful stuff, how will people be able to interact with the exhibition?

“We like the idea of a Selfie Frame, this will be a blank frame for people to take pictures of themselves at the exhibition with a relevant hashtag - such as #dyingtobeheard #dyingmattersart and we’ll ask them to share this on social media.”


The Ideas Hub, have also worked with Storyteller, Shane Ibbs to help highlight Dying Matters 2020. We were delighted to produce a video for Shane’s powerful story about one man’s journey towards death. In Shane’s words, the main theme of the story is, “Love after death, is eternal."

You can watch the White Butterfly here

As Edith explains, “Storytelling is an art form virtually as old as humankind and is a good passport to connect people, start conversations and create emotions.”

I asked Edith, What the theme ‘Dying to be heard’ meant to her?

“Many things, including that I have lost dear ones and when it happens there is a need to talk about them as this is what keeps them alive in a sense, through sharing memories about them. Many bereaved people are 'dying to be heard' and should be given the opportunity to be heard.”

Get involved

To find out more and to get involved in their projects, check out The Ideas Hub’s website: or follow them on social media.

“We always need volunteers, or you may have an idea of a project and we could help you to make it come to life!”


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