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Do I have to register to use huunuu?

No, you dont have to register to use huunuu. However you can only create a plan and a Master Plan, and make use of all the functions associated with planning if you are registered.

What is a Plan?

A plan is a collection of ideas and wishes for planning your funeral or legacy. Any plan you create can be made into your Master Plan.

How many Plans can I create?

You can create as many plans as you like.

What is a Master Plan?

Your Master Plan reflects your desires and choices for how you would like to be treated after death. Its the way you can ensure those people closest to you are aware of your wishes. Although you may have many plans you can only choose one Master Plan. You can share this plan with your Keepers so they can carry out your requests.

What is a Genie or Keeper and why do I need one?

A Genie or a Keeper refers to the person or persons you wish to share your Master Plan with, who will be accountable for carrying out your wishes after youre gone. You must have one Genie or Keeper to complete your Master Plan, to ensure there is someone to carry out your requests. You can choose anyone to be your Genie/Keeper, however please note your Master Plan is not a legal document, therefore we advise you choose someone you trust to hear your voice.

Who can view my plans?

How do I share my plans publicly? Your plans will remain private until you choose otherwise. You can share your plans by email which will allow your friends to comment and make suggestions.

Is my Master Plan or Plan legally binding?

No, none of your plans are deemed legally binding but putting down your wishes and sharing them with your closest friends and family is an advance statement of your wishes. Although they are not required by law to follow your wishes it may help reduce the burden, should the inevitable happen.

What do I do if I have a compliment, complaint or just want to share something amazing with huunuu?

Drop us a line athello@huunuu.com, tell us what we do well or could do better. If you know someone or something that is right for huunuu send us the details we are always looking for new and inspiring ideas.