'Guiding Star' Set of Three Concrete Stars
'When I look at the stars I think of you'. These whimsical stars can be used as a decorative reminder of the infinite nature of love and the continual presence of loved ones in our lives. The large star will contain a small amount of cremation In our cement mix we use Cornish granite dust mined from a local quarry so you will literally be getting a little piece of Cornwall. As the cast is being poured ashes are sprinkled into the mould so they become fully incorporated into the solid star, indicating our elemental fusion with the earth. The two smaller stars are for decorative purposes only. These stars can hang on the wall as a triptych of plaques, or be used as plates upon which to place tea lights as shown in these images (indicate your preference at the point of order). This popular choice is a simple, discreet and symbolic token of remembrance. Dimensions of largest star is approximately 18cm diameter.