Heart Cremation Sculpture by Casting Ashes®
The soft, smooth curves of this beautiful artisan heart bring a touch of tenderness and iconic style into your living space making it a popular choice for a remembrance piece. It is our original design, handmade at our studio in north Cornwall using locally sourced Cornish granite dust and white cement. During the pouring process we add a small amount of cremation ashes to the mould - once set it will become a solid cremation sculpture. This differs from the conventional hollow urn designed to contain loose ashes in their entirety. Since we only require a small amount of ashes you can choose to bury or scatter alongside commissioning this commemorative piece. It is a contemporary discreet alternative to an urn (only you need to know) and a perfect way to keep your loved one close. When you move house you can take it with you. A lasting tribute and a reminder of the enduring nature of love. Size approx 18cm x 18cm x 10cm