The huunuu Christmas gift list

Nov. 10, 2021, 11:16 a.m.

Thinking of thoughtful and meaningful Christmas presents can be tricky. Let’s be honest, a death positive present won’t be high on many people’s wish list...but perhaps it should be.

Not only can it give the recipient a moment of reflection over the festive period, but what better gift than that of looking after those we cherish.

We've also found that planning for death and thinking about the legacy we leave, can remove 'death anxiety' and make you live a life full of purpose, and one that feels uniquely yours. Understanding that you too will die, cuts away some of the noise that fills all our lives and makes you ask awkward and often difficult questions – what do I really want from this life? What and who is important to me? 

It can also be the perfect time to remember someone special, Christmas can be a difficult time for some of us, as we miss those that used to be part of our lives. So, there are also some ideas to remember.

We’ve included some fabulous books by wonderful people that we’ve met on our journey, and we’ve also found some little gems that we think would make a valuable present. We’ve also included some charity gifts, because wouldn’t it be nice to do a little good whilst shopping. We hope you’ll also forgive us for including some of our products – they really do make treasured gifts and enable space to think about life and death.

Have you any other suggestions? Let us know?

With love for a very happy Christmas, team huunuu

1. Listen, by Kathryn Mannix 

Find the book here

The incredible Kathryn Mannix does it again! Subtitled, how to find the words for tender conversations, this beautiful book explains how to have important discussions with honesty and without regret. It is bought to life with real-life stories and is a must to help you not only be there for others but to help you with what you need. Dr Mannix also wrote the excellent, With the End in Mind. You can read our review here

2.     Name a star in remembrance by Star Registration 

Name a star here

Name a star and dedicate it to someone you have lost. This gift allows your star to be registered in your loved one's name and you can look out into the night sky and remember them.

3.     Personalised Wooden Keepsake Memory Box by Modo Creative 

Take me to the memory box

This beautiful memory box really caught our eye. We often run workshops on digital memory boards (link to Eventbrite) that really resonate with people, and this seemed like a lovely (non-digital!) way of collecting and storing memories of loved ones in one place.

4.     Clare Shaw, writes beautiful books for children about how to cope with death. 

Check out Clare's shop here

These are books for teenagers and little ones that are therapeutic and good for mental health and emotional resilience. 

5.     Attend a Loss Project Event 

Event details here

The Loss Project help to connect people through their shared experiences of grief and loss. This can help to support a loved one and help them to feel less alone. Letting people know about this supportive resource can be a great gift.

6.     Dedicate a tree with the National Forest 

Learn more here

Each sapling donated supports woodland habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come. By dedicating a tree, you can remember someone or celebrate a loved one and you’ll be sent a personalised certificate. You can even choose which sort of tree to plant.

7.     Angel and Dove have some beautiful memorial gifts on their website 

View their website here

We especially liked the beautiful candles.

8.     Before I die... Big conversations journal by huunuu 

Buy one (or two!) here

Start having the big conversations about life, death and dying. Plan, record and share your legacy and what to do with the time you have left. From funeral plans to the life you want to lead, note it down in this beautifully designed journal, filled with inspiring thoughts and space to share.

9.     Big Conversation cards by huunuu 

Get ready to play here

The aim of the game is simple; it’s about stimulating great and important conversations about life, death and the legacy that you want to leave.

Learn something new about the people around you and begin to think about choices you may make. Be curious!


10.  Hospice UK has a wonderful selection of gifts on their website

View their website here

Each gift helps to support Hospice UK in the valuable work they do supporting people when they are at the end of their life.

11.  There are some lovely Grief Care Packages on Etsy. 

Christmas can be such a difficult time for those grieving a loss and these packages make a thoughtful gift. 

Take a look here

12.  A Journal of a Lifetime 

View the journal here

Entitled, Dear Friend, from you to me, is a lovely idea that asks questions designed to help your loved one share memories and stories. There is space to add photos and be creative –a lovely keepsake.

13.  Cancer Research UK has a great selection of Christmas Gifts on their website.

We love to do a jigsaw at Christmas and there is a super selection. We thought this one was rather cute! 

 Why not take a look here

14.  Create some new memories for a little one and encourage them to write a letter to Santa with this sweet gift from the British Heart Foundation 

How adorable is this! 

15.   The School of Life has some inspiring card games that can be really meaningful.

We enjoyed 'Connect' a game for couples that helps them to remember why they matter to each other - a loving gift for someone special. 

Some great ideas here

The gratitude card set is also fabulous. Christmas can be a time for counting our blessings and taking time to pause, this prompts the players effortlessly.


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The huunuu Christmas gift list
Thinking of thoughtful and meaningful Christmas presents can be tricky. Let’s be honest, a death positive present won’t be high on many people’s wish list...but perhaps it should be....